The Institutionalized Ethnicity project seeks to understand the causes and consequences of the use of ethnic categories, particularly by national states around the world.


Principal Investigators

Evan S. Lieberman, Princeton University (esl@princeton.edu)
Prerna Singh, Harvard University (psingh@gov.harvard.edu)


We are greatly appreciative of financial support from Princeton University, and the Mamdouhah Bobst Center at Princeton University

Research Assistants

Daniel Scher
Yanilda Gonzales
Peter Buisseret
Ahsan Barkatullah
Noah Freedman
Jennifer Dennard
Erin Lin
Anna Lutz
Jinju Pottenger
Jessica Grody
Sarah El-Kazaz
Michalis Moutselos

Web Development

Jessica Grody


Laboratory in Comparative Ethnic Politics (LiCEP)
Princeton Comparative Politics workshop
Princeton Identity Politics Working Group
Oxford University seminar on democracy and inequality
Mark Beissinger
Giovanni Cappoccia
Tulia Faletti
Julia Lynch
James Mahoney
Dan Posner
Ashutosh Varshney
Andreas Wimmer
Daniel Ziblatt
Kanchan Chandra



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